Like What?!?!?

Why are kids complaining about going back to school -.-… yall sound retarded and then when yall don’t know shit its a problem and then yall be like oh i cant stand people.Bitch you “people” too… another person your are a person amongst other people which make you a “people”. how about you make fucking friends and maybe you would be happy and get an education and be successful some people don’t get that opportunity so suck it up and do good in life except for complaining about the actual good thing in life @.@


Its crazy how a boy can tell you,you are his property and loves only you and tells you everything that your insecurites kept you from thinking and then turns around and commits to another girlโ€ฆ..all those wordsโ€ฆ..meaniless โ€ฆโ€ฆ.to a girl that had her mind set on a fantasy that was wiped away by a nightmare